DTF Inks

If you own a business that also involves the DTF technique, you already know how important the equipment and implicitly the DTF inks you use is. This special ink can be thermally transferred to any textile material, more or less flexible, the only condition being to withstand the transfer temperature. These pigments are specially designed, and we find them in cyan, magenta, yellow, black and white.

DTF inks in various colors

White ink is a special component, which is the white base of printing on film and on which the colored design is printed. It is recommended to use 2-pass printing. The first pass with full color graphics, and the second pass with the white layer (on another dedicated printer). Also, we recommend the exclusive use of inks specially formulated for DTF, to avoid clogging the print head or causing other technical problems. DTF by Kolorix ink allows printing on any color, and quality pigments ensure vibrant, saturated colors, but at the same time with long resistance to washing.

Above all,  consider the expiration date of DTF ink – 6 months for the white one, respectively 12 months for the colored ones.

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