DTF Transfer Film

DTF transfer film is a semi-transparent film resistant to high temperatures for transfer on various media: synthetic fabrics, cotton, linen, eco-leather, etc.

These films are different from those used in screen printing. They have a thickness of about 0.75 mm and better transfer characteristics, the technology itself being a more innovative one. DTF film is used with dtf ink and special dtf powder for heat transfer on various textiles, white, colored or black.

Unlike the cutting plotter technique, DTF transfer does not require any contour cutting after or before printing. Another advantage is the availability for use on a small scale, but also rolls for a commercial configuration. Heat transfer films are also classified according to the type of peeling that is done after the transfer.

Depending on the temperature, the films are either films that come off cold (with a waiting time for cooling) or hot (which can come off immediately after being removed from the press). DTF foil can be used with any kind of thermal press used in the field of advertising production. This is suitable for DTF inkjet printing, regardless of the printer model: Epson, HP, Canon or Brother. The transfer film is delivered in sheet to A5, A4, and A3 format, as well as in a roll at 300mm width / 100 linear meters length.

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