Foil Transfer Film A4 Aliens



A4 heat transfer film for colored textiles is a special film used for heat transfer.

This heat transfer film on textiles is printed “in the mirror”, and the image will be transferred to the T-shirt, after the natural drying of the inks, using a thermal press or an iron with medium pressure and a temperature of about 160 degrees Celsius. for ~ 15 seconds.

T-shirts printed with this heat transfer film can be washed like any normal t-shirt under the following conditions: the maximum washing temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius and the print should be inside.

– transfer temperature ~ 160 degrees Celsius;
– transfer time ~ 15 seconds;
– A4 format;
– use for transfer on white and dark textiles or black;
– medium application pressure;
– maximum washing temperature 40 degrees Celsius.

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